Nights of Enchantment About

“This is the story I will tell, Allah will be my guide, listen with care to the words that I choose as you sit by my side”
We thought of giving our next show a very Middle-Eastern flavour with “Nights of Enchantment”, which was based around a few of the 1001 Arabian Nights tales. For this, we used a scriptwriter who worked closely with the actors in a number of workshops prior to the writing. Gillian Pencavel came up with a fantastic script that merged a few of the Arabian Nights tales into one piece of theatre and had incredible layers to it. It was a story within a story within a story, and for the 3 layers we used real people, then masks, then puppetry to distinguish the differences between each layer, and how with each layer it became more story like. We studied Arabian folk music, dance and the beautiful colours of the Middle-East to create this piece which was received well by people of all ages.


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