The Tempest About

The Tempest by Shakespeare instantly came to us as an idea while working on Nights of Enchantment. The thought of doing it in-the-round pretty much followed the idea; an island in the middle of the ocean, the atmosphere, the sounds, the creatures, it would all work perfectly well in the round, and fit in with what we do as a company. After searching for a few in-the-round theatres we decided upon The Cockpit Theatre in Marylebone.
While sticking to Shakespeare’s text, we added our mark on it by having the characters of Prospero and Ariel and large hand-held puppets operated by one actor at a time. Caliban was operated by 3 actors as he was made up of different parts, we could break him apart and bring him back together and he would disappear and reappear on different sides of the stage.
We once again used live folk music, focusing more on traditional English and Celtic folk music, with each of the actors playing instruments and singing. It had a very “live folk band” feel to it. The instruments also created soundscapes for the island, and with lighting, the front of a boat and wooden treasure chests piled up around each other, we created a very atmospheric, colourful and memorable version of Shakespeare’s The Tempest.


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